Two dead as powerful storm hits Southern California

The strongest winter storm in six years hits the western US seaboard with more rain expected through the weekend.

| Weather, United States

At least two people were killed after southern California was hit with heavy rain and gusty winds, on Friday, in what was the biggest storm the region has experienced in six years.

A large tree brought down power lines in Sherman Oaks, California, electrocuting a 55-year-old man.

One person drowned in his car due to sudden flash flooding.

Strong winds also caused hundreds of thousands of homes to lose power across Los Angeles, Ventura and Santa Barbara counties.

As this current storm moves inland, southern California will be seeing a break from the rain and flooding later this weekend.

However, more storms will continue to roll in from the Pacific Ocean and track across northern California later next week.

The downpours in other heavily populated areas of southern California, including parts of Santa Barbara and Ventura counties also recently hit by wildfires, could create the risk of mud and debris flows there, too, the weather service said.

Authorities have warned residents of an area west of Santa Barbara, where another wildfire ravaged vegetation last year, to prepare to leave their homes quickly, if ordered to evacuate.

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