Protesters killed as anti-government demos erupt in DRC

| Politics, Democratic Republic of Congo, Africa

At least 17 people have been killed during clashes between police and anti-government protesters in Democratic Republic of Congo's capital, Kinshasa.

The protest, attended by thousands of people, came at a time of growing local and foreign pressure on President Joseph Kabila to step down when his term of office ends in December.

The opposition accuses him of plotting to extend his tenure in the central African by delaying elections that were supposed to be held in November until at least next year. His supporters deny that.

Angry crowds torched the offices of politicians loyal to Kabila and tore down giant posters of the president, chanting in French: "It's over for you" and "We don't want you".

Rights groups reported dozens of arrests of protesters and journalists in the capital as well as in Goma and Kisangani, where anti-government marches also took place.

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