Riding with South Korea’s Marine Corps

Al Jazeera embarks on a rare tour of a South Korean base stationed just a kilometre away from the enemy - North Korea

Joel Lawrence | | South Korea, North Korea, Military

Gimpo, South Korea - Being a South Korean marine is dangerous work here, with forces from decades-old rival North Korea only a kilometre away. 

Al Jazeera was among a few foreign media outlets invited on a rare tour to South Korean Marine Corps' 2nd Division in Gimpo, about 30km northwest of the capital, Seoul.

The North and its military is just across the Han River.

The marines' main task in the event of war is to conduct an amphibious landing on the enemy's shore.

The tour gave a glimpse into capabilities and daily life of South Korean marines, who have earned a reputation as "Ghost-catching Marines" for their prowess during the 1950-1953 Korean War.


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