Gaza rolls out the red carpet

Second annual Human Rights Film Festival aims to show the creativity of Palestinians living in the besieged territory.

Wissam Nassar | | Middle East, Gaza

The second annual Human Rights Film Festival in Gaza is under way in an effort to show the cultural face of the besieged Palestinian territory.

The festival has attracted an international audience, underscoring that despite the suffering of Gaza's residents, the territory is still a creative place, organisers told Al Jazeera.

"There is creativity in Gaza ... I support the existence of purposeful cinema that harmonises with traditions, culture and customs of the Palestinian community in Gaza," freelance journalist and project coordinator Mohammad Shurrab told Al Jazeera.  

"Despite the Israeli siege and suffering imposed on Gaza by Israel, we as Palestinians have powerful skills to produce movies, series and long narrative and documentary films," Yara Abumseen, a student and festival organiser, told Al Jazeera.

The festival is set to screen 70 films.


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