Refugees attempt perilous Greece-Macedonia crossing

In freezing conditions, about 2,000 refugees from Idomeni camp try to cross closed border on journey to Western Europe.

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Idomeni, Greece - Refugees keep arriving at the Idomeni camp on Greece's northern border with Macedonia in their thousands, becoming virtual prisoners as they are prevented from moving further into Europe.

They hope the current border closure might be lifted so they can continue their journey.

But freezing, wet weather conditions have turned the camp into an icy pool, making the wait in Idomeni impossible for many. The squalid conditions, combined with a shortage of food, medicine and drinking water have made the situation worse. 

This has triggered tensions and a generalised sense of anxiety.

It has been reported that a mysterious leaflet depicting a printed map and instructions on how to pass through the closed borders to the west of Idomeni is being shared among the refugees.

So, unable to tolerate the conditions, about 2,000 refugees this week resorted to a desperate attempt to find a way around the border fence, in order to cross to Macedonia.

During this attempt nearly 80 reporters and aid workers, including the author of this story, were arrested by Macedonian police.

The attempt also resulted in the death of three refugees, who drowned trying to cross a river, and the detention of many others.

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