Winter wonderland: China's Jilin City coated in ice

Normally "rime" ice is an unpredictable weather phenomenon, but in northeastern China, it's an annual event.

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The river banks of China's Jilin City have been transformed into a winter wonderland.

Ice has coated the landscape, bringing tourists flocking to the city.

The ice can be seen every year between December and mid-March, when the temperature of the region plummets well below freezing.

Ice forms when water droplets in the air are cooled below 0C. If the landscape is also below freezing, then the droplets will instantly freeze on impact. This forms a rough white deposit, known as "rime".

Normally rime is an unpredictable weather phenomenon, but in Jilin City, it's an annual event, because of the warmth provided by the local river.

The Songhua River, which flows through the city, is warmed by the Fengman hydropower station. It is one of the few rivers in Jilin Province which doesn't freeze over in winter, and can therefore supply plenty of moisture to the air to produce the ice display.

To celebrate the wintry spectacle, the Rime Ice and Snow Festival is held in January every year.

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