Al-Aqsa Mosque clashes and protests

Fighting between Palestinian worshipers and Israeli forces continue at iconic mosque in the heart of Jerusalem.

| War & Conflict, Human Rights, Middle East, Israel, Palestine

The Al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem is revered by Palestinians religiously as one of the most sacred sites in Islam, and culturally as one of their most iconic symbols. 

For the past three days the compound, known to Muslims as the Haram Sharif (Noble Sanctuary), has been the scene of fierce clashes between Palestinians and Israeli forces.

Clashes started after Palestinians were denied entry to the mosque to allow Jewish activists to enter and mark the start of their new year.

Palestinians fear allowing Jewish activists to enter the mosque is the first step towards eventual partitioning of the site along religious lines.

Many Jewish activists claim the mosque sits on the site of a Jewish temple destroyed during the Roman era.

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