Palestinians return to 'Bride of the Sea'

To mark the Nakba and shed light on Jaffa's Palestinian history, a range of events were held in the city.

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The Palestinian city of Jaffa was the largest Palestinian population centre before the Nakba. Known to Palestinians as the "Bride of the Sea", it was the centre of Palestinian cultural life.

Jaffa's refugees today live scattered across the West Bank, Gaza and internationally, while other Palestinians have been internally displaced within their own city. Between May 16 and 18, a range of events in Jaffa - organised by the Israeli NGO Zochrot and Palestinian and Israeli activists - shed light on the city's Palestinian history, emphasising the right of return for all Palestinian refugees.

Today, Palestinians in Jaffa are still being displaced, as Israeli housing developments are being built over the ruins of Palestinian neighbourhoods.

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