The Tough Viking testing endurance

A 5km race near the Arctic Circle brings together over 300 participants with each step testing their endurance levels.

| | Sport, Finland, Europe

Tough Viking is the largest and toughest obstacle race series in the Nordics.

This year, a total of nine races will be organised in the Nordic countries, two of which are in Finland.

The first, the Arctic Tough Viking was held in Levi, Finland, and is the first extreme obstacle race in the world.

The race was held 170km north of the Arctic Circle with over 300 participants and around 1,500 spectators.

”Arctic Tough Viking is truly a unique race, which combines both physical and psychological strength and endurance,” said race director Jaakko Huovila.

“We are especially excited about the obstacles that we have designed in cooperation with the Finnish Defence Forces.”

The 5km route included obstacles and also forced the participants to crawl, carry logs, run up and down the super pipe and jumping into Arctic ice water tank.

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