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Syria storm displaces the displaced

Heavy winds and rain have caused tents to flood and collapse inside Syrian displacement camps near the Turkish border.

Hadi al-Abdallah |

IDLIB, Syria - Heavy winds and rain have caused tents to flood and collapse inside Syrian displacement camps near the Turkish borders. 

Almost 60 families were left homeless in the al-Nour camp in the province of Idlib after their makeshift homes were uprooted by the storm. 

The luckier families were able to cross into Turkey to seek refuge. 

But the majority headed back into their original homes, already destroyed by gunfire and warplanes, hoping to take refugee in the least ravaged rooms until the weather improved. 

Those who remained in al-Nour struggled to clean their submerged tents and save some of their belongings. 

Others were seen digging watercourses in the mud to keep the water from  their homes. 

Al-Nour camp, located near the Idlib village of Jarjanaz, is run by local charities and originally housed more than 120 families who lost their homes to fighting between rebels and troops loyal to President Bashar al-Assad. 

Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, Jordan and several other countries in the Levant have all bee hit by the major snowstorm and heavy rains which have stranded people in their homes, halted traffic and ravaged infrastructure. 

In Lebanon's town of Arsal, at least four Syrian refugees died as a result of the huge storm that swept the country.

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