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In Pictures: Morales celebrates poll victory

Evo Morales set for third term as president of Bolivia after garnering 59.5 percent of Sunday's vote.

Javier Sauras, Michele Bertelli | | Politics, Bolivia, Latin America

El Alto, Bolivia - Evo Morales heads to his third term in office in Bolivia after exit polls gave him almost 60 percent of the presidential vote.

Morales celebrated the victory with his supporters in the capital, La Paz, on Sunday.

Miners, indigenous people from the Altiplano, coca farmers, teachers, oil workers and many youngsters gathered in Plaza Murillo, in front of the government palace, to cheer for "el Evo".

Morales dedicated his victory to anti-imperialist and anti-capitalist governments of Latin America and remembered Hugo Chavez, the former president of Venezuela, and Fidel Castro of Cuba.

Morales based his election campaign on the economic growth that Bolivia has experienced in his nine years in power, and the promise of turning the country into the energy centre of South America.

The president finished his campaign tour last Thursday in the sprawling city of El Alto, which is home to nearly a million high Andean plateau migrants and his main political bastion.

In front of tens of thousands of supporters, Morales announced the construction of a new oil refinery and a nuclear power station, which would be the first in Bolivia.

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