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In Pictures: Sierra Leone's Ebola survivors

Survivors of the disease are often stigmatised after they return to their communities.

Ashley Hamer | | Health, Humanitarian crises, Sierra Leone, Africa, Ebola

Kenema, Sierra Leone - The Ebola outbreak, which began in Guinea back in March, is both the largest on record and the only one to reach major urban centres. The World Health Organisation says more than half of identified cases have proved fatal, and it's warning that the death toll could exceed 20,000. The United Nations has declared Ebola a threat to international security.

In a bid to stem the epidemic in West Africa, the WHO has condoned the use of experimental drugs, and experts in Geneva have been discussing which treatments are in the pipeline and how quickly they could be made available to the public.

Sierra Leone has recorded more than 490 deaths and imposed a three-day countrywide "lockdown" starting September 18 in an escalation of efforts to halt the spread of Ebola across the West African nation.

Al Jazeera documented a few survivors of the disease on how they're rebuilding their lives.

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