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In Pictures: Flooding strikes Sudan

39 people are killed as torrential rain pours across the country.

Steff Gaulter | | Weather, Floods, Africa, Sudan

39 people have been killed and thousands of homes have collapsed after torrential rain triggers flooding in Sudan.
17 of those killed were from the Khartoum state.

This is the rainy season in Sudan, which runs from July to September, but even during this time the rain is sporadic, and rain is only expected on about four days in each month.

The downpours have led to a significant rise in the Blue Nile River, leading to fears that the river could overflow and trigger further flooding.

Water tankers have been busy pumping water from flooded areas of the capital.

Flooding is an annual problem in Sudan, and the government is trying to tackle the problem.

A 2,200 kilometre drainage system is under construction, according to the Khartoum state Governor Abdel Rahman al-Khidir, although this is not scheduled for completion until 2021.

Last year the city was struck by the worst flooding in 25 years, which led to the death of 50 people across the country, most of them in Khartoum.

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