In Pictures: Ex-Typhoon Halong slams Japan

The storm weakened to a tropical storm shortly before making landfall.

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The clear up operation is now underway in Japan after Tropical Storm Halong slammed into Japan.

More than one million people were ordered to evacuate as the storm bore down on Shikoku.

This action no doubt saved lives, and only one person is known to have died.

The storm originated in the Pacific Ocean. Halong had been a powerful Super Typhoon, but fortunately it weakened significantly as it headed towards Japan.

Despite never making landfall in the Philippines, the storm intensified the monsoon rains across Luzon and left two people dead.

By the time the storm made landfall on the Japanese island of Shikoku, it had weakened to a tropical storm.

Despite this, the storm was still packing quite a punch. The rain triggered flooding and minor landslides, and the winds also brought down trees and power lines.

Northern parts of Japan were still being battered by heavy downpours and strong winds on Monday, but the conditions were expected to brighten on Tuesday.

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