In Pictures: Remembering Tiananmen

A look back at the violent demonstrations that took place in the heart of Beijing 25 years ago.

| Politics, War & Conflict, Protests, History, China

Tiananmen Square, located in the heart of Beijing, has historically been a hub of political activity. 

But it is the 1989 protests that mark recent memory. 

In the early morning hours of June 4th an unauthorised, student-led pro-democracy movement was silenced as an uneasy government declared martial law.

What began as a hunger strike, aiming to catalyse reforms for greater democracy and freedom of speech in the country, was quickly quashed by the People's Liberation Army. 

Hundreds were killed as the military retook the square back from protesters ushering in a new age of conservatism in China.

The following pictures document the events that occurred 25 years ago as one million occupied Tiananmen Square in protest.

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