In Pictures: India's iconic Ambassador car

Suspension of classic automobile and "grand old lady" marks end of an era and also uncertainty for workers at factory.

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The Ambassador, one of the first cars made in India, has been phased out after parent company Hindustan Motors announced the suspension of production in its Uttarpara factory in Kolkata, the capital of the eastern West Bengal state last month.

With a hardy structure and dependable performance, the curvy car came to be known as made for the Indian roads. It has plied smoothly over bad and bumpy stretches for more than 60 years.

In its heyday, Amby, as it is called affectionately, catered to the elites, politicians, and bureaucrats. It became a status symbol.

But with minimal customisation through the years, it slowly lost its market to newer, more glamorous cars. 

Apart from being used as taxis in major cities of India, Amby retained its crown. It is still the beloved "grand old lady" to its fans.

As it stands on the verge of becoming history, memories and attachments with the cars are being revived. But the workers at the factory behind the car, who have now lost their jobs, are feeling the loss the most.

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