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In Pictures: Residents mourn Aswan violence

Egyptians mourn in Aswan after several days of clan fighting earlier this month left 23 people dead and 40 injured.

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Deadly clashes broke out earlier this month in Aswan, a popular tourist spot in southern Egypt, with the renewal of a long-standing conflict between the Nubian tribe of Daboudiya and the Arab clan of Bani Helal, known as Haleyla.

The violence began on April 1 amid the remnants of a year-old family feud over the sexual harassment of a girl from one of the tribes. Offensive graffiti was later written on the wall of a school by students from the feuding families, leading to several days of deadly tribal violence.

People from both sides used gunfire and petrol bombs and several houses burned to the ground before police were able to stop the fighting, the Egyptian Interior Ministry said in a statement.

When the clashes ended on April 5, at least 23 people had been killed, while dozens more were injured.

Two photographers documented the aftermath of the violence in Aswan, and took testimonies from some of the survivors.

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