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In Pictures: Ukraine's navy base stormed

Crimean 'self-defence' forces raid Sevastopol's navy headquarters with no casualties.

Alexander Aksakov |

Crimean "self-defence" forces and armed men in uniform who have been blocking entrances to most Ukranian military bases in Crimea began forcful evictions on March 18 around Simferopol, the regional capital.

During the takeover by dozens of armed men on Wednesday morning, Ukrainian navy officers barricaded themselves in buildings, walked away unharmed later in the day. 

"The men who came in said they made the decision because the Ukrainians were authorised to shoot in self defence. It doesn't mean they are ordered to shoot, but that they are authorised to use their weapons," Al Jazeera's Jennifer Glasse reported. "Not a single shot was fired."

Three Russian flags were flying at one of the entrances to the base.

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