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In pictures: Mosque standoff

Confusion and panic captured on camera as police, and protesters faced off at Fateh mosque in Cairo.

Gun battles, angry crowds, barricades and terrified and injured protesters. 

The siege of the Fateh mosque in Ramses Square drew to a close on Saturday evening after police forced their way in and  removed the bulk of protesters who had been trapped inside since violence flared in the square on Friday evening. 

Those inside, many of whom had participated in anti-coup marches on Friday that had turned to bloodshed, had refused to leave for fear of being attacked by what they described as "thugs" among the crowds waiting outside.

Nepal: The Maoist dream

Nepal: The Maoist dream

Nepal's bloody civil war ended in 2006 when a Comprehensive Peace Accord was signed between the Maoist rebels and the Nepali state in Kathmandu. Many people have disappeared or got killed during the war. Al Jazeera tells this story through the eyes of the Nepali people.

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