In Pictures: World Food Day

UN focusses on global food security as 870 million world-wide suffer from starvation and undernourishment.

Tonight, one in every eight people will go to sleep hungry.

According to the latest UN data, an estimated 870 million are starving and chronically undernourished, representing 12.5 per cent of the total global population.

In an effort to fight hunger - perhaps the biggest humanitarian obstacles of our day - UN agencies will mark October 16, also known as World Food Day, in an effort to raise awareness and cooperation.

World Food Day, which honours the day on which the United Nation’s Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) was founded, reminds the world that while improvements against hunger have been made, the fight for global food security is far from over.

While today there are 130 million fewer hungry people than there were 20 years ago, aid groups have warned that rising food prices could reverse those achievements. 

The global food and financial crises of 2007 and 2008 have pushed an additional 115 million into hunger, and economic recession that began in 2009 continues to threaten global food security.

As the international community gathers in Italy to discuss the future of food security, experts say innovative initiatives will be critical if the world is to feed itself over coming decades as the global population rises, food prices soar and climate change takes its toll on traditional means of food production.