Jaber Khadivi, 41, Iranian engineer

I do seriously follow the US presidential race, and the most important reason for me is the fate of the nuclear deal. I am very concerned to see what fate this hard-won deal will have. This issue is getting increasingly important, and there is much at stake with the Republican firebrand, the controversial candidate Trump, who is a populist. If he wins the race to the White House, not only will the nuclear deal blow up - world peace and security will be gravely threatened.

I watched the debates, and I am sorry to say that it was a disgrace for democracy - and to me and many Iranians, those debates were reminiscent of a particular person, [former President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad].

Under the Democrats, crippling sanctions were imposed on us, but this time I would rather see a Democratic candidate - Hillary - win the race, rather than a populist, trigger-happy Trump. Besides, there is a better chance of following Obama's policies under Hillary, though she may take a tough stand towards Iran.

The effect of US policies on the Iranian economy has been more tangible in the past 10 years or so ... US sanctions, along with mismanagement under Ahmadinejad, inflicted serious blows to the economy, like the free-fall of our currency and horrible inflation that I hope never happens again.

In short, I can say given the internal problems with our economy, adopting such a confrontational approach or having a hardline US president in office can exacerbate the economic situation here.

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*As told to Omid Khazani

Source: Al Jazeera