Israel kills second Palestinian farmer

A Palestinian farmer has been killed by Israeli artillery fire in the Bait Lahiya region of the northern Gaza Strip.

    The funeral of Sawarka who was killed on Saturday

    Medical and security sources said that Hassan Hussein Chaffi, 55, was killed on Sunday.
    His death raised the overall toll since the outbreak of the Palestinian uprising in September 2000 to 5044 people.

    The vast majority of the victims have been Palestinians.
    An Israeli military spokeswoman said the army had fired shells into the northern Gaza Strip Sunday morning, in the area of Dugit, a former Israeli settlement close to Bait Lahiya.
    The spokeswoman said Palestinian armed groups had fired seven makeshift rockets into Israel from Dugit over the weekend.
    On Saturday evening, another Palestinian, Musa Sawarka, 60, died in similar circumstances also near Bait Lahiya.
    The Israeli bombardment of northern Gaza has been ongoing for several weeks in what Israel says is a response to the cross-border firing of makeshift rockets by Palestinian armed groups.



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