The Pope's condition: A timeline

An approximate timeline of the latest events concerning the health of Pope John Paul II:

    The Pope was informed of the gravity of his situation

    7.17pm Thursday (1717 GMT): The Pope receives the

    sacrament for the sick and dying, a Vatican statement says.


    Thursday afternoon: The Pope's clinical situation stabilises

    temporarily, a Vatican statement says.


    10.13pm: Italy's APcom news agency reports the P

    ope's condition has worsened because of a "worrying

    lowering of [blood] pressure".


    10.22pm: A Vatican statement says the Pope is suffering a

    high fever because of a urinary tract infection on

    Thursday afternoon.


    5.43am Friday: A Vatican statement says the P

    ope's condition on Friday morning is "very serious" and 

    that he suffered septic shock and cardiovascular collapse on

    Thursday afternoon.


    6am: The Pope celebrates Mass, a Vatican 

    statement says.


    7.15am: The Pope asks that the 14 stations of

    the Way of the Cross be read to him.


    12.30pm: A Vatican spokesman tells a news

    conference the Pope is conscious and has been "informed of

    the gravity of his situation".

    SOURCE: Unspecified


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