Saudis apprehend three fugitives in north

Saudi security agents arrested three men in the northern Qassim province, the scene of last week’s gun battle which left six al-Qaeda suspects and two policemen dead.

    Saudi Foreign Minister Saud Faisal under increasing US pressure to crack down on terror groups

    The arrests were reported by Okaz, a local newspaper. Okaz did not name those apprehended.

    Saudi Arabia is cracking down on suspected al-Qaeda members after a suicide attack on a housing compound left 34 people, mostly westerners, dead. The attackers were said to be linked to al-Qaeda.

    The Saudi authorities have arrested more than 300 people since the May bombing, saying that many received training in Afghanistan, though some were taught at remote farms in the Kingdom’s hinterland.

    In a recent report, US authorities suggested Saudi Arabia could have done more to prevent the September 11 attacks in New York.

    Details of the allegations are not available as the US government censored large swathes of the 900-page report on the intelligence failings in the run up to the attacks in which some 3,000 people died.

    SOURCE: Aljazeera + Agencies


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