French election: Macron, Le Pen address French voters after first round wins

French voters have chosen two political outsiders to go through to the run-off vote for president. Both candidates Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen thanked their supporters and promised to represent all French people.

Middle East

US sanctions Syrian officials over sarin gas attack

Sanctions imposed on 271 Syrian officials in response to sarin gas attack, blamed by US on Assad's government.

Middle East

Syrian forces advance on town near Hama

The Syrian army and allied forces are continuing their advance against rebels north of the city of Hama. With the support of Russian air strikes, they have captured a town and nearby villages that were seized by opposition groups last year.

Middle East

Tunisia refuses to let ‘ISIL-linked’ families leave Libya

Tunisia is refusing to allow a group of its citizens in Libya to return home. Dozens of women and children are in prison in Tripoli, accused of being linked to ISIL. Libyan authorities are willing to let them leave the country.


India police clash with student protesters in Kashmir

Police forces fire live ammunition into the air to disperse students in central Srinagar, as violence intensifies.


WHO: Malaria vaccine to be 'real life' tested in Africa

Ghana, Kenya and Malawi to start large scale trial of RTS,S injectable vaccine in 2018.

US & Canada

What will US farmers do without immigrants?

Farming uses a higher number of undocumented workers than any other US industry, and that's sparking concern about what will happen if the Trump administration presses ahead with its immigration policies.


'I will leave France if Le Pen becomes president'

Far-right leader gained just 5 percent of the vote in the French capital, but what do Parisians make of her chances?

Middle East

Hunger striking Palestinian leader's 'health declining'

Palestinian leader refuses medical treatment after joining hunger strike with 1,100 other prisoners in Israel, NGO says.


Senegal players prepare for FIFA beach soccer world cup

The world’s top beach soccer teams are heading to the Bahamas for the FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup. Senegal is among the competing teams; playing football on the sand there is a national sport.


French voters push mainstream parties to the sidelines

Final figures for the first round of the presidential election show Emmanuel Macron, an independent centrist candidate, with 23.75 percent of the vote - ahead of the far-right leader Marine Le Pen, who has a little over 21.5 percent.


Refugee boat sinks between Greece and Turkey, 16 drown

Search operation continues after two people are rescued and 16 bodies are recovered off Greece's Lesbos island.