Eurozone fails to agree fresh Greek bailout

Talks in Brussels did not end in a deal needed to unlock Greece’s next installment of multi-billion euro bailout.

Middle East

Trump wraps up Middle East tour

US president calls for peace between Israelis and Palestinians but sheds little clarity on how to achieve that.

Donald Trump ends Middle East tour

US & Canada

US: Trump's budget plan to boost military spending

During his election campaign, Donald Trump promised taxpayer money would put America first. That is reflected in his proposals but the plans could also hurt the people who put him in office.

Arts & Culture

James Bond actor Roger Moore dies

Family confirms death in Switzerland after bout with cancer of British actor who played the iconic spy in seven films.

Manchester Bombing

UK threat level raised from 'severe' to 'critical'

Prime minister announces change in the threat level from severe to critical, saying further attacks may be imminent.


Deutsche Welle journalist released by DR Congo

Antediteste Niragira was arrested last Wednesday on accusations of spying in the DRC.

Deutsche Welle journalist Niragira released by DR Congo


Kashmir anger at India award for 'human shield' soldier

Kashmir victim criticises award for Major Leetul Gogoi as support for 'oppression and injustice'.

Outrage over India award for 'human shield' soldier


Spring temperatures soar across Europe

As a large area of high pressure sits across the southwest of Europe, people should prepare for a heatwave.

Spring temperatures soar across Europe

Middle East

'One killed' as protesters, police clash in Bahrain

Several arrested as NGO says 'peaceful' demonstrator dead in violence over sentencing of leading Shia cleric.

Diraz: Clashes grip Ayatollah Isa Qassim's village


Major attacks in UK's recent history

Tuesday's blast at the end of Ariana Grande's concert in the English city of Manchester, which killed at least 22 people, is being described as the biggest attack since the 7/7 London bombings 12 years ago that killed 52 people.


Ten Afghan soldiers killed in Kandahar army base attack

Deadly attack, which left at least nine troops wounded, marks another setback for NATO-backed Afghan forces.

Ten Afghan soldiers killed in Kandahar army base attack

Middle East

Suicide car bombs 'kill civilians' in two Syrian cities

At least four people are reported dead after a car bomb goes off in Homs, as a second explosion hits a Damascus suburb.

Syria: Suicide car bombs hit Homs city, Damascus suburb