Arts & Culture

Is Black Panther co-opting African struggles against oppression?

Movie critics have praised the film, but cultural critics argue Marvel Studios, and its parent company Disney, may be exploiting black political and cultural movements for their own financial gain.

Arts & Culture

Diversity under the spotlight at London Fashion Week

The fashion industry in the UK employs nearly 900,000 people and the 2018 London Fashion Week includes initiatives to protect those working in the almost $42bn business.


Protests banned as state of emergency to last 6 months

Defence minister says measure includes ban on dissemination of publications that 'could incite and sow discord'.

Ethiopia's state of emergency to last six months

Asia Pacific

Separated Korean families remember their ancestors

In South Korea, families split between the two Koreas gather to remember relatives on the other side of the border and hope for the opportunity to reunite with loved ones.


South Africans react to Ramaphosa speech

The new president, Cyril Ramaphosa, promised to cut unemployment, boost the economy and tackle widespread corruption in his first SONA, but many in South Africa are anxious to see if he can deliver.

Human Rights

Kenya's indigenous communities threatened

Efforts to protect the Embobut forest in Kenya are coming into conflict with the native Sengwer people, with the Sengwer accusing the government of burning their homes and forcibly evicting them.

Boko Haram

Nigeria: Boko Haram blamed as suicide blasts kill 19

The attack, which killed at least 19 people, took place at a fish market close to Maiduguri in northeast Nigeria.

Nigeria: Boko Haram blamed as suicide blasts kill 19

US & Canada

US recognises six Virginia Native tribes after decades-long fight

Six Native American tribes in the US state of Virginia have been granted full federal recognition after a nearly twenty-year-long legal battle.


Austria's Freedom Party revokes statements on Muslims

Freedom Party to pay compensation to Muslim Youth Austria for accusing it of 'spearheading Islamist ideologies'.

 Far-right Austrian party revokes statements on Muslims

United Kingdom

Theresa May: 'UK committed to Europe's future security'

Speaking at Munich Security Conference, UK PM calls for continuation of European security cooperation even after Brexit.

Theresa May: 'UK committed to Europe's future security'

Middle East

Libya celebrating 7th anniversary of the revolution

While many people say the revolution has led to much change, ongoing political division is still taking its toll on the lives of many Libyans.


Women 'paid' to attend anti-Qatar conference in Munich

People allegedly paid to attend meeting on sanctioning Qatar, organised by the Saudi-led bloc in Munich.