Asia Pacific

Refugees refuse to leave Australia-run centre

The Papua New Guinea Supreme Court ruled in 2016 that the Manus centre was illegal and ordered its closure.

Refugees refuse to leave Australia-run centre

Middle East

SDF says it captured largest Syrian oilfield from ISIL

US-backed rebels oust ISIL fighters 'with little damage' after a 'large-scale' push to seize Syria's biggest oilfield.

SDF says it captured al-Omar oilfield from ISIL

Middle East

Arab Christians' plight under spotlight in Qatar conference

One of the conclusions of the talks was that a new pact needs to be made to ensure social equality and peace between religious groups in the region.


Japan's Abe on way to big election victory

Exit polls show prime minister set to become his country's longest serving leader since the second world war.

Middle East

Spain plans to take control of Catalonia

In Madrid, Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy appeared to have the support of the locals as he announced measures to suspend Catalonia's administration and hold new elections over its secession bid, which Madrid has said is illegal.


Deadly attack on Egyptian forces prompts security concerns

A two-day conference has been held in Qatar to discuss the plight of Arab Christians and the threats they are facing during wars and conflicts in the Middle East, during which Christian populations are estimated to have fallen to three to four percen

Middle East

Tillerson: Saudis not ready for talks to end GCC crisis

Top US diplomat holds talks in Qatar after visit to Saudi Arabia as part of renewed efforts to resolve diplomatic rift.


Odinga: I won't recognise Kenyatta win in poll re-run

Opposition leader rules out contesting the outcome of Thursday's vote in court, calling it 'a waste of time'.

Raila Odinga says he will not recognise Kenyatta win

Middle East

'Completely not true': Hamas denies rift with Qatar

Group brushes off talk of tension and praises Qatar for 'pioneering role' in improving lives of Palestinians in Gaza.

Hamas: No rift with Qatar over Fatah reconciliation


France exhibition aims to paint positive image of Napoleon

A huge art exhibition in the French town of Arras focuses on the legacy of Napoleon Bonaparte, who ruled France and much of Europe more than 200 years ago.

Middle East

Iran opens first ever rehab clinic for mothers

Clinic signifies changing government policy as some of Iran's 2.5 million documented drugs users are given help and not treated as criminals.


Sri Lanka: War victims' families struggle for justice 10 years on

The United Nations says a great deal of work remains to be done in order to bring stability to Sri Lanka, nearly a decade after its 26-year civil war. It is conducting a review to find out what is in the way of implementing vital reforms.