US & Canada

US tightens airport screening of electronic devices

Airlines had been concerned that the laptop ban currently in place for flights from 10 Middle Eastern cities would be extended to all in-bound passengers.


DRC rape victims come forward with help of rights groups

Rape incidents in the east of the Democratic Republic of Congo are so widespread that the United Nations once described it as the 'rape capital of the world'.

Middle East

Saudi official denies bin Nayef is confined to palace

Official says New York Times report claiming Mohammed bin Nayef is barred from leaving the kingdom, is 'not true'.

Saudi official denies bin Nayef is confined to palace

Asia Pacific

Pope aide takes leave to fight child sex abuse charges

Vatican chief financial adviser takes leave of absence after being charged with historical sexual assault offences


Afghans doubt increasing foreign troops would bring real change

Recent advances by Taliban fighters in Afghanistan are high on the agenda at a NATO defence ministers' meeting in Brussels on Thursday.


Childbirth dangers highlighted before N Ireland abortion ruling

The Court of Appeal in Northern Ireland is set to decide on Thursday whether to overturn a ruling that an abortion ban breaches human rights.

US & Canada

UN chief Guterres urges Washington not to cut funding

UN Secretary General António Guterres has spent the past two days in Washington lobbying members of Congress and the Trump administration against cutting US funding for United Nations operations.

Middle East

Israel's Olmert to be granted 'early prison release'

Parole committee to free jailed ex-prime minister early after he was rushed to hospital with chest pains, lawyer says.

Ehud Olmert to be granted early prison release: lawyer

US & Canada

Martin Shkreli trial: Court struggles to find impartial jurors

A US pharmaceutical company executive who became a symbol of industry greed is about to stand trial for securities fraud.

US & Canada

Videos of US police killings fail to bring justice

Securing a conviction, even when the killing is caught on camera, is notoriously difficult.

US & Canada

Trump-US media tensions hit all-time high

It has been five months into Donald Trump's presidency and his relationship with the media appears to be at an all-time low.

United States

Trump's Muslim ban set to come into force

Analysts warn of 'massive confusion' over new leaked guidelines as partial enforcement of Muslim ban comes into effect.

Muslim Ban: US sets strict rules for visa applicants