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Ukraine wins Eurovision with 'political' hit song

Song by Jamala about strangers coming to "kill you all" seen as allusion to Stalin's deportation of Tatars from Crimea.

Ukraine's Jamala wins Eurovision contest with 1944

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'Congo rumba king' Papa Wemba dies

Musician's death after collapse on stage in Ivory Coast declared a "great loss for his country and all of Africa".

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Texas residents not in tune with international festival

South by Southwest helped Austin become a capital of cool but hastened the process of displacing many.

Reporter's Notebook

K-pop star rocked by Taiwan flag row

Teenage singer Chou Tzuyu forced to apologise on air after posing with a Taiwanese flag and triggering a backlash.

K-pop star rocked by Taiwan flag row


M.I.A: Nothing negative about multiculturalism

The artist, musician and rapper comments on her latest song, Borders, and its accompanying video, an ode to refugees.

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British music legend David Bowie dies, aged 69

Entertainer dies surrounded by his family following an 18-month battle with cancer.

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North Korean pop band abruptly cancels China concerts

Female band formed by North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un scraps its first concert abroad and hurriedly returns home.

North Korean pop band abruptly cancels China concerts

Latin America

Argentina's enduring love affair with the Beatles

Buenos Aires: where the most ardent collector of Beatles memorabilia can be found and where fans are holding a festival.

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Calls to drop language quotas for French radio stations

Many say a 20-year-old law to stop an invasion of English-language songs no longer applies.


Hip-hop hijabis challenge stereotypes

It takes about three songs before the audience gets over the shock of hijabis running across the stage.

Muneera Williams

by Muneera Williams

Muneera Williams

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Femi Kuti: 'Africa needs to love Africa'

The Nigerian musician - son of Afrobeat pioneer Fela Kuti - on what inspires and frustrates him about his country today.


Iran 'Happy' dancers get suspended sentences

Seven Iranians who appeared in a video singing along to US pop song handed prison terms and lashes, both suspended.

Iran 'Happy' dancers get suspended sentences