Ex-Argentina president charged in corruption case

Cristina Kirchner accused of corruption and slapped with $630m asset freeze linked to government contracts.

Cristina Fernandez Kirchner charged in corruption case

Latin America

Crowds pack Havana square for Pope Francis' mass

Leader of Catholic Church also met with Fidel Castro at the Cuban revolutionary leader's home in Havana after the mass.


Argentina to choose post-Fernandez path in primaries

Choice of candidate likely to impact whether outgoing President Cristina Fernandez's policies to aid poor will continue.

Argentina to choose post-Fernandez path in primaries


Argentine prosecutor dismisses claims against president

Prosecutor rejects accusations that President Kirchner helped shield Iranian officials allegedly behind a 1994 bombing.

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Argentina: Prosecution from beyond the grave?

The media coverage surrounding Alberto Nisman's death has become a story in itself.

Latin America

Prosecutor revives case against Argentine president

Official criticises formal decision to investigate whether Fernandez shielded Iran from scrutiny in 1994 bombing case.


The mysterious 'martyrdom' of Alberto Nisman

There's more to Argentinean prosecutor's 'martyrdom' than meets the eye.

Belen Fernandez

by Belen Fernandez

Belen Fernandez

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Argentina defies US court in debt dispute

Government deposits $170m in local bank to meet interest payments, in move designed to bypass jurisdiction of US courts.