United States

US woman gets five years in prison for leaking NSA document

Former government contractor Reality Winner pleaded guilty of leaking a classified report to a news organisation.

US woman gets five years in prison for leaking NSA document


Brazil sets new record for number of murders per year

Data by Brazilian think-tank shows that many of the murders were concentrated in the poorer northeastern states.

Brazil murder tally soars to record high

US & Canada

US: Chicago police accused of racist use of 'bait trucks' tactic

The tactic, which sees trucks filled with valuable goods and left unattended, has been criticised for both creating the crimes it catches and for its use in impoverished, minority neighbourhoods.

101 East

Myanmar's Cycle of Debt

A look at the slums of Yangon and how families are crippled by high-interest loans as others profit from their despair.


Mexico police officers 'underpaid, under-equipped'

Despite years of talk of police reform, little has changed, even as Mexico's violence rises to unprecedented levels.


Can AMLO end Mexico's devastating drug wars?

AMLO's campaign promises of amnesty fall short of the reality of the country he is about to take the helm of.

Carli Pierson

by Carli Pierson

Carli Pierson

Asia Pacific

Japan cult members behind Tokyo Sarin attack executed

Aum Shinrikyo's 1995 attack on Tokyo's subway system killed 13 people and injured more than 6,000 others.

Japan executes Aum Shinrikyo cult members behind Sarin attack

Arts & Culture

Nepal's stolen gods

Since the 1980s, authorities estimate thieves have plundered tens of thousands of Nepalese antiquities.

Nepal's stolen gods


Mob lynches Muslim man transporting cows in India

Attack comes just days after India's top court requests the government to enact new legislation to end mob violence.

India: Mob lynches Muslim man transporting cows in Rajasthan

United Kingdom

UK using child spies in police operations

UK Home Office says use of children in covert policing operations can provide unique access to information.

UK using child spies in police operations

101 East

Nepal: The Great Plunder

Investigating how antiquities stolen from the Himalayas end up in museums and private collections around the world.


Nigeria's government under pressure to stop bandit group

An armed group around the Nigerian state of Zamfara has been attacking locals and extorting money for several years and the violence is getting worse.

Latin America

Illegal guns from the US fuel Mexico's drug cartel violence

Incoming Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador wants to impress upon the US Trump administration that the deteriorating security situation is the concern and responsibility of both countries.


Two Philippine women kidnapped in Iraq freed

The women were kidnapped on Saturday when their car broke down on a road linking the Iraqi capital Baghdad to Erbil.

Two Philippine women kidnapped in Iraq freed


The Lizard King: Illegal Wildlife Trade's Poster Boy

An undercover investigation into the man at the heart of illegal wildlife trading. Is the Lizard King back in business?