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Asia Pacific

Hong Kong invests in renewable energy project

A mere 0.1 percent of the city's power comes from green sources, but the government now seeks to harness the power of the sun.

US-Mexico border

Central Americans: 'Trump treats us like terrorists'

Mexico to issue one-year visas to most vulnerable, ask others on caravan that caught Trump's ire to leave in 20 days.

Central Americans vow to continue as Mexico disperses 'caravan'

The Listening Post

Radio Progreso: Honduran journalists under threat

The independent radio station is playing a dangerous game - alternative narratives, alternative journalism in Honduras.

The Listening Post

Murder in Brazil: Covering the assassination of Marielle Franco

The murder of Franco puts a spotlight on the Brazilian media's treatment of the slums. Plus, Honduras' Radio Progreso.


Honduras arrests 'mastermind' of Berta Caceres murder

Officials say David Castillo Mejia planned the murder and provided support to the killers of environmental activist.

Honduras arrests 'mastermind' behind Berta Caceres' murder


Life-threatening journey of Honduran migrants to the US

Thousands of Hondurans risk their lives every year, leaving the country in the hope of a better future in the United States.

Latin America

Honduras president sworn in amid protests

Juan Orlando Hernandez takes oath of office for a second term amid protests against a bitterly disputed election.


Honduras: protests against President Hernandez continue

There's tight security presence in Honduras as protests continue ahead of the inauguration of re-elected President Juan Orlando Hernandez.


Honduras: 7.6 earthquake triggers Tsunami alert

A magnitude 7.6 earthquake struck near the coast of Honduras, briefly prompting a tsunami warning.

Honduras: 7.6 earthquake triggers Tsunami alert


Honduras rubbish: Eco-cides take over Caribbean coast

Masses of rubbish are floating in the Caribbean, along the coast from neighbouring Guatemala. They are known as ‘eco-cides’ in Honduras.


1,000 days of war: will the conflict in Yemen ever end?

The Stream also explores the aftermath of mudslides in Sierra Leone, and the controversy surrounding Honduras' presidential election.

1,000 days of war: will the conflict in Yemen ever end?


Honduras opposition leader calls for new election

Honduran opposition leader Salvador Nasralla has challenged the results of the presidential election. His supporters have taken to the streets and are pursuing international channels to call for a new election.


Honduras declares winner in disputed presidential poll

Opposition Alliance's Nasralla rejects the results, calling them 'fraudulent' as country's political crisis deepens.

Hernandez declared winner in Honduras disputed election

Latin America

Hondurans accuse US of election meddling

The US embassy in Honduras has been surrounded by protesters infuriated by the three-week-wait for the definitive result of the presidential election.


Honduran democracy on the brink

With no declared winner two weeks after election, the legitimacy of the Honduran democracy is hanging in the balance.

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Lauren Carasik