Palestinians laud Argentina after Israeli cancellation

Palestinian footballers thank Argentinian football team and Lionel Messi specifically for cancellation of friendly.

Latin America

Argentinian protesters infuriated at government's IMF appeal

Mauricio Macri's government has taken fire for the high inflation rate and for cutting subsidies for utilities and the government's turn to the IMF has stirred painful memories.


Protests in Argentina calling for decriminalisation of abortion

President Mauricio Macri is opposed to changing the law, but has allowed a debate in government, angering the Catholic Church.


Argentina urged to cancel football match in Jerusalem

The friendly fixture between Israel and Argentina is set to be played in Jerusalem's Teddy Stadium on June 9.

Palestine urges Argentina to cancel football match in Jerusalem

Latin America

Argentina economy: Workers protest as inflation soars

Teachers staging protests in Buenos Aires say life is becoming unbearable as the value of the peso continues to decline.

Latin America

Russia World Cup: Anger over Argentina 'flirting manual'

Argentina's Football Association has included a chapter about 'how to stand a chance with a Russian girl' in a manual for journalists travelling to cover the sporting event.

Latin America

Argentina peso crisis: Move to seek IMF aid criticised

The Argentine peso has fallen to a record low against the US dollar, as the central bank changed its strategy to protect the currency.


Argentina seeks IMF help, opposition says bad move

The loan request to stabilise its economy brings back memories of a 2001-2002 financial crisis that many blamed on IMF.

Latin America

Argentina seeks IMF loan to help 'avoid crisis' as peso slides

Argentina has asked the International Monetary Fund for financing to help stem a five-month-rout in the peso that is sparking a surge in interest rates and threatening to derail the country's economic recovery.

Latin America

A turbulent economy threatens reforms in Argentina

The government has vowed more cuts on government spending to reduce the deficit, and the impact is likely to be seen on the streets in the weeks ahead.


Argentina economy: Peso rises after interest rate jump

Argentina's central bank raised interest rates for the third time in a week after the Argentine peso slumped against the US dollar on Thursday.


Battling adversity: The Venezuelans living in Buenos Aires

More than 31,100 Venezuelans now hold Argentine residence as droves flee the country's economic crisis.

Battling adversity: The Venezuelans living in Buenos Aires

Latin America

Anger over Argentina's plans to curb waste

Critics say the new plan to manage tonnes of mounting rubbish could impact people whose lives depend on collecting recyclable materials.

Latin America

Argentina's annual book fair opens with protests

Buenos Aires International Book Fair, billed as 'the most important annual literary event in the Spanish-speaking world', is facing challenges on many fronts.

Latin America

High inflation leaves many Argentines struggling

Rising prices taking a toll on President Macri's popularity but making the country a favourite of emerging markets.