Silver Fez: Singing the Cape Malay Way

Cape Town's urban outsiders put on sharp suits and melodic voices to battle it out for the Silver Fez choir trophy.

US & Canada

Art exhibit shows New York's Times Square submerged in water

The exhibition by Mel Chin shows the observer the links between the shipping that helped make New York City a global commercial hub and the consumption that drives climate change.


Mandela letters: New collection shows prison writing

Exhibition of letters about anti-apartheid struggle during 27 years as political prisoner marks 100 years since former South African president's birth.


Why do people sign up for Pamplona's running of the bulls?

Runners from all over the world come to Pamplona to match their wits with half-tonne bulls in this iconic, and dangerous, festival.


007 Elements: New James Bond museum to open in Austria

The Austrian museum, located where much of the latest Bond movie - Spectre - was filmed, seeks to provide both a cinematic Bond experience and break down the magic and show how the films are made.


Wake up and smell the coffee, it might be from Yemen

A San Francisco native rekindled cultivation in Yemen and did not let a war come between him and his American dream.

Yemen's epic coffee revival: From war to hipster New York cafes

War & Conflict

Kashmir loses its cinema halls to prolonged conflict

Nearly three decades of conflict has meant many of Kashmir's youngest generation have never attended a movie theatre.

Kashmir loses its cinema halls to prolonged conflict


The outrageous racism that 'graced' Arab TV screens in Ramadan

Like in the past, this year's Ramadan series featured scenes of vulgar racism against Afro/black Arabs.

Hana Al-Khamri

by Hana Al-Khamri

Hana Al-Khamri

Asia Pacific

South Korea: Buddhist temples to be listed by UNESCO

Al Jazeera's Craig Leeson travels to some of the South Korean Buddhist temples that are expected to be listed as World Heritage sites when the UNESCO committee meets in Bahrain this week.


'I start by looking at dramatic photos of destruction'

New Haven-based architect recreates the streets of Damascus in tiny form, with the living and dead side by side.

Mohamad Hafez: Homesick Syrian artist makes miniature war scenes


India's Gujarat embroidery - a rich cultural mosaic

Living and Learning Design Centre in Bhuj painstakingly documents and helps teach more than 50 styles of embroidery.

India's Gujarat embroidery - a rich cultural mosaic


Saying goodbye to South Africa's legendary David Goldblatt

Goldblatt will be remembered as a mentor, a teacher and above all, the founder of Market Photo Workshop in Johannesburg.

M Neelika Jayawardane

by M Neelika Jayawardane

M Neelika Jayawardane

South Africa

David Goldblatt's iconic images capturing life under apartheid

Over the course of his career, Goldblatt's photographs were exhibited widely in newspapers and museums around the world.

David Goldblatt's iconic images capturing life under apartheid

South Africa

Photographer who captured abuses of apartheid dies

Acclaimed photographer passes away in his Johannesburg home at the age of 87.

David Goldblatt, who documented apartheid South Africa, dies


Muslim and Hindu artists collaborate for Kashmir peace

For the first time in 66 years, works by Kashmir's Muslims and Hindus are on display under the same roof in Srinagar, part of a display to promote togetherness between the communities.