USA says no to Cuban cricket

Cuba are blocked from attending a US funded cricket tournament.

The U.S Government blocks an attempt to include

Cuba will not be able to take part in the Stanford 20/20 Caribbean cricket competition after U.S authorities denied the competition’s organiser permission to deal with the island nation.

The competition is backed by U.S businessman Allen Stanford and under the terms of the U.S embargo against Cuba, Americans must ask for special permission to engage in commercial activity with Cuban entities.

Stanford said that his application had been denied and therefore Cuba would not take part in what would have been their debut in international cricket.

“We have been anxious to include the entire Caribbean in the Stanford 20/20 Cricket Tournament and I am extremely disappointed that Cuba will not be able to play,” Stanford said.

“Stanford 20/20 is requesting that the denial from the United States Government be reconsidered and we are exploring every option to secure their future participation.”

Twenty countries will compete in the knockout tournament which runs from January 26 to Feburary 24 in Antigua.

Source : News Agencies

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