No average Cho

Cho Young-cheol scores his first goal for his country as South Korea beat Oman 1-0 to go second in Asian Cup Group A.

    Cho is plying his trade in the Qatar Stars League but made an international breakthrough in Canberra [GALLO/GETTY]
    Cho is plying his trade in the Qatar Stars League but made an international breakthrough in Canberra [GALLO/GETTY]

    South Korea kicked off their bid for a first Asian Cup title in 55 years with a 1-0 win over Oman in their Group A opener on Saturday, but the victory came at a cost with injuries to key players.

    Cho Young-cheol scored his first goal for his country in first half stoppage time as Ki Seung-yeung began his reign as skipper with a win, but full-back Kim Chang-soo limped off in the first half and attacker Lee Chung-yong in the second to mar the victory.

    Oman came close to grabbing a point in Canberra but goalkeeper Kim Jin-hyeon brilliantly turned Imad Al-Hosni's close range header from a corner on to the bar as South Korea survived with seconds to play.

    The Koreans were heavily tipped to advance and their lively German-based duo of Son Heung-min and Koo Ja-cheol proved too troubling for the West Asians, who only ever had ambitions of a point from the tough opening task.

    They looked liked escaping to half time with their defensive line in tact but a late step up in intensity at the end of the opening 45 minutes led to Cho breaking the deadlock

    Koo had a hand in the first goal, firing a low drive that Oman keeper Ali Al-Habsi could only parry back in front of his goal, with Qatar-based Cho sliding in to put the rebound into the net in the 46 minute.

    Direct threat

    Koo's directness was in contrast to many of his team mates in the first period, who seemed more interested in retaining possession than troubling Oman.

    Midfielder Koo, top scorer in the tournament four years ago, should have added a second just before the hour mark but he could only direct a header straight at the goalkeeper after a lengthy Korean passing move.

    A hefty challenge by Ahmed Saleem Al Mukhaini in the 69th minute then robbed South Korea of one of their key playmakers, with Lee Chung-yong limping off eight minutes later to follow Kim Chang-soo to the treatment room. The fullback departing in the 18th minute.

    Korea's failure to add a second to make the game safe buoyed Oman, who pushed forward for an unlikely draw as the game closed out, with Raeed Ibrahim Saleh providing some dangerous crosses from the left.

    The wingback fired a low shot just wide as the game ticked into stoppage time with substitute Al-Hosni being denied with his header from the resulting corner.

    South Korea, one of the tournament favourites and World Cup semifinalists in 2002, last won the Asian Cup in 1960.

    They go second in the Group A table and will next play on Tuesday at the same venue against Kuwait, who were humbled 4-1 by hosts Australia in the tournament opener in Melbourne on Friday. 

    SOURCE: Agencies


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