Bayern held to a draw by Man Utd

European champions draw 1-1 at Old Trafford in first-leg while Barcelona also held at home by Atletico Madrid.

    Nemanja Vidic scored for Man U before Bastian Schweinsteiger's classy equaliser at old Trafford [AFP]
    Nemanja Vidic scored for Man U before Bastian Schweinsteiger's classy equaliser at old Trafford [AFP]

    Bastian Schweinsteiger scored an equaliser for Bayern Munich and was then sent off as the holders drew 1-1 with Manchester United in the first leg of their Champions League quarterfinal at Old Trafford.

    United, floundering in the English Premier League under new manager David Moyes, confounded grim pre-game predictions by taking the lead in the 58th minute through Nemanja Vidic's header from a corner.

    United's ambition was limited but the team's desire and work rate couldn't be faulted.

    Moyes got his tactics largely spot on, although United has probably never been dominated in possession at Old Trafford as much as it was in the first half. 

    However, Bayern will take a crucial away goal into next week's second leg in Germany after Schweinsteiger finally found a cutting edge to his team's fine build-up play, arrowing a half-volley high into the net in the 67th minute.

    Brazilian Rafinha sped by Robben on the overlap and crossed deep for substitute Mario Mandzukic, who headed the ball down for Schweinsteiger to sweep a half-volley into the top corner. 

    The Germany midfielder then blotted his performance by picking up a second yellow card in the 90th minute for a foul on Wayne Rooney.

    He protested, wagging his finger at Rooney, but Spanish referee Carlos Velasco Carballo had already brandished the yellow card and Schweinsteiger will miss the second leg with the matchup well poised. 

    Neymar scores equaliser

    In the other Champions league quarterfinal, Barcelona needed an equaliser from Neymar to earn a 1-1 draw at home to Atletico Madrid after a stunning opener by Diego Ribas.

    Atletico's chances were dealt a major blow half an hour in when striker Diego Costa came off injured alongside Barcelona defender Gerard Pique.

    Barcelona dominated possession, with Diego Godin's sliding block keeping Andres Iniesta's effort out before Diego Costa pulled up clutching his right thigh. 

    But Diego stunned the Camp Nou 56 minutes in with a powerful long-range shot that grazed the fingertips of goalkeeper Jose Manuel Pinto as it soared into the top corner.

    With Lionel Messi kept quiet by Atletico's well-organised defence, Neymar stepped up to curl the equaliser around goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois in the 71st minute.

    The goal lifted the Camp Nou crowd and turned the tables on Atletico, but Courtois settled his team's nerves by making a diving save to Iniesta's long-range shot in the 73rd minute, before then stopping a late effort from Messi.

    Atletico leave with a valuable away goal before the return on April 9.

    SOURCE: Al Jazeera


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