Federer: 'I want it all'

World number one sets sights beyond Grand Slams as he targets haul of trophies in 2010.


    Federer's hunger has not been diminished by winning a 15th Grand Slam last year [AFP]

    Roger Federer is set on total domination of men's tennis – saying he wants to win more than just the big tournaments this season.

    The Swiss master clinched a record 15th Grand Slam singles title last year, as well as a career Grand Slam in winning the French Open.

    In 2010 he is out to defend his Roland Garros and Wimbledon titles while regaining his Australian and US Open crowns, starting in Melbourne this month.

    But speaking in Doha at the start of the Qatar Open on Monday, the world number one said he was also targeting the lesser trophies on the ATP circuit – after picking his battles according to the demands on his body last time out.

    "If I feel well I think I might win more tournaments than last year, whereas last year I wanted to focus on the main events," said Federer, 28.

    "If I'm healthy this year I can win many more tournaments and I can get confidence from that."


    Federer said that despite his unparalleled position in the sport, he had a thirst to retain the number one position that he wrested back from great rival Rafael Nadal last year.

    "I'd like to stay number one in the world – it's an obvious goal," he said.

    Federer and Nadal take a carpet ride [EPA]
    "There's no secret behind that because getting from number two to number one was hard work, especially with Rafa playing well and other guys being around."

    One of those guys in Juan Martin del Potro, who took Federer's US Open crown in September.

    But with the Argentine inconsistent and Nadal on the way back from the knee problems that plagued his 2009, there is no overwhelming favourite to challenge the Swiss at the top.

    A gentle rally between Federer and Spaniard Nadal conducted on a magic carpet in a Doha souq on Sunday gave little indication of who would conjure up victory in the $1million tournament.

    But Federer's new year resolution means he is certain to aim to win back the trophy he won in 2005 and 2006.

    "We go round by round, but I'm not here just to be part of the event," he said.

    SOURCE: Al Jazeera


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