CSKA Sofia denied Euro licence

CSKA Sofia have been barred for the Champions League and Uefa Cup this season.

    CSKA Sofia will not compete in the Champions League
    and Uefa Cup [GALLO/GETTY]

    CSKA Sofia was banned from competing in the Uefa Champions League after it was sanctioned by Bulgaria's football federation because of unpaid debts.

    The federation confirmed that Uefa has officially denied CSKA Sofia a license for the European tournaments for this season.

    "CSKA Sofia will not participate in the 2008/2009 UEFA's Champions League. The decision is final and may not be appealed,'' the Bulgarian federation said in a statement.

    CSKA Sofia, which has won the domestic title 31 times, owes an undisclosed amount of money to the National Social Security Institute and creditors.

    The club's president Alexander Tomov, who has been widely accused of bad management, announced his resignation.

    CSKA troubles came in the same week as Portugese champions Porto were also banned, by European football governing body Uefa, from competing in next season's Champions League due to allegations of bribing referees.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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