South Africa defeat West Indies

South Africa enjoy a seven wicket victory in the second test.

    Captain's knock: Graeme Smith hits out [AFP]
    South Africa hit 186 runs in 35 overs to beat West Indies by seven wickets and a day to spare in the second test.

    The three-match series is now tied 1-1.

    South Africa quickly reached 186-3 in its second innings, with captain Graeme Smith returning to form with 85 off 79 balls, including 11 boundaries.

    Earlier, West Indies captain Chris Gayle came back in to bat with a broken thumb to help his team reach 262 with a 70-run last-wicket partnership.

    Set 185 to win, South Africa chose to play aggressively after rain was forecast for Sunday at Newlands Stadium.

    Undefeated batsmen Jacques Kallis (22) and Ashwell Prince (12) finished it off for South Africa.

    A.B. de Villiers opened the innings with Smith due to Neil McKenzie's calf muscle tear.

    De Villiers hit 23 in 24 balls before falling to a good catch by substitute Darren Sammy at midwicket off the bowling of Dwayne Bravo.

    Hashim Amla joined the run chase, hitting 37 in support of Smith in a partnership of 83 in just 17 overs.

    Amla and Smith each fell to slip catches by Gayle off legspinner Rawl Lewis.

    Gayle used his uninjured right hand after fracturing his left thumb when he was hit on the hand by Andre Nel in the first over of the day's play.

    X-rays showed Gayle has a small fracture, but Gayle will try to continue the tour.

    "It doesn't look good at the moment," Gayle said.

    "But if I had my way, I'd strap it up and play in the third test anyway."

    Gayle returns

    Having retired earlier in the second innings, Gayle returned at 192-9 and finished with 38 off 48 balls.

    Despite his injured hand, Gayle scored four boundaries and three 6s to put on 70 with Shivnarine Chanderpaul in just 11 overs and two balls.

    Chanderpaul scored 70 in a five-hour, 168-ball innings for his second undefeated score of the match, alongside his first innings 65.

    Dale Steyn eventually got rid of Gayle when the batsman tried for a third six in a single over, and was caught by Paul Harris at deep mid-on.

    Harris also caught Fidel Edwards for 21 off the bowling of Andre Nel, diving full length to his left to hold a one-handed chance.

    Jerome Taylor was another tailender to frustrate South Africa, scoring 21 before edging Steyn to Kallis at second slip.

    Steyn finished with 4-44, and Nel had 3-62.

    Edwards pulled a hamstring in his first innings spell and did not bowl again in the match.

    "We missed Fidel especially in the second innings," Gayle said.

    The third test starts in Durban on Thursday. West Indies won the first test by 128 runs in Port Elizabeth.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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