The Iraq war has been dubbed a war of two versions - one reported on American channels and the other reported on Arabic channels.

During the run-up to the war, many observers accused the US media of lacking investigative rigour and of drumming up pro-war news reports to win over public opinion.

During the war, most American journalists were embedded with US military units, giving them a very one-sided picture of the conflict.

Other critics have charged that the Arab media have also been biased, and that they have fomented sectarian divisions and fueled the anger of the Arab public by repeatedly showing gory scenes of deaths and destruction.

The Arab channels say they are showing realities of the war but others claimed their realism and accuracy is subjective.

Inside Iraq this week looks at the media coverage of Iraq. In what ways do media influence public perceptions of the war?

How balanced and objective are the media? And how different are the lens through which we are informed of the turmoil in Iraq?     

Our guests this week:

Anne Nelson from Columbia University, Jihad Al-Khazen, columnist at Al Hayat newspaper and Saad Bin Taha Al-Ajmi writer and academician.

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This episode of Inside Iraq aired on Friday, April 25, 2008

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