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The UN predicts that by 2050, one in three people will live in a slum. But what determines where you live and how does your environment shape your health, hopes and prospects? In a special season of coverage, Al Jazeera explores our relationships with the places we call home. The six-part documentary series The Slum introduces the residents of Tondo – the most densely populated and least developed part of Manila – as they strive for success against the odds.

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Find lo­cal broad­cast times for Al Jazeera’s se­ries about Ton­do, a set­tle­ment in Mani­la.

Published On 15 Sep 2014

Four­teen-year-old Resh­mi is box­ing her way out of the red light dis­trict where she was raised.

Published On 10 Sep 2014

Time has stood still for the res­i­dents of the Mae La refugee camp decades af­ter they fled their homes in Myan­mar.

Published On 10 Sep 2014

They dream of a per­ma­nent home in Eu­rope but many mi­grants end up strand­ed in in­for­mal refugee set­tle­ments.

Published On 10 Sep 2014

The baale of Makoko is chal­leng­ing neg­a­tive stereo­types of La­gos’ eco­nom­i­cal­ly pro­duc­tive over­wa­ter set­tle­ment.

Published On 10 Sep 2014