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Will whoever wins the US election find themselves with the unenviable task of overseeing the decline of the US?

Published On 23 Oct 2012
U.S. Capitol in Washington

The Cafe travels to Bradford to discuss race riots, poverty and polarised communities in the UK.

Published On 23 Oct 2012
The Cafe - The Disunited Kingdom
Video Duration 47 minutes 38 seconds

As Mexico’s drug war rages, we ask if the new government can end the violence and steer a democratic path to prosperity.

Published On 3 Oct 2012
The Cafe - Mexico - Failed state or economic giant
Video Duration 47 minutes 21 seconds

Israel has always felt under siege, but its internal problems could be more damaging than any external threat.

Published On 22 Aug 2012
The Cafe - The enemy within?
Video Duration 47 minutes 13 seconds

What does the future hold for Jordan – a country plagued by corruption, economic stagnation and ethnic tension?

Published On 30 Jul 2012
The Cafe - Jordan episode
Video Duration 47 minutes 35 seconds

Can Turkey strike a balance between the country’s modern, secular aspirations and its deep-rooted Islamic identity?

Published On 22 Jul 2012
The Cafe - Turkey: The new Ottomans
Video Duration 47 minutes 41 seconds