Surprising Europe

About the show

Hosted by hip hop artist K-Nel, Surprising Europe shows the real experiences of African migrants in Europe – stories of despair, inspiration, hope and creativity.

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What is it like to live in Europe with an African identity?

The need to send money back home drives some African migrants in Europe into an underworld of crime and prostitution.

Many African migrants are struggling to make a living in Europe in a bid to fulfill the expectations of their families.

Some African migrants pay a high price to realise their European dream.

‘I came to Europe and thought it was heaven on earth.’

‘We can’t deny the fact that racism and discrimination exist.’

‘When you are not a structured person, Europe makes you very miserable.’

‘When I was in Africa, I believed everybody in Europe speaks English.’

‘My music is from someone who wonders, tries to understand and thinks about his life, his background, his identity.’

‘Be informed before you come [as] all that glitters is not gold.’