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Health work­ers dis­pens­ing the po­lio vac­cine in Pak­istan face vi­o­lence and re­sis­tance as they go about their work.

Published On 19 Oct 2014
Video Duration 05 minutes 17 seconds

Could a “prawn lad­der” built into a dam wall aid in the fight against bil­harzia in the Sene­gal basin?

Published On 30 Sep 2014
Video Duration 06 minutes 19 seconds

A man from a lep­rosy colony in In­dia talks about the dif­fi­cul­ties he has faced since be­ing di­ag­nosed with the dis­ease.

Published On 23 Sep 2014
Video Duration 01 minutes 43 seconds

Health hero Rach­na Ku­mari ex­plains the dev­as­tat­ing so­cial ex­clu­sion cured lep­rosy suf­fer­ers still face.

Published On 23 Sep 2014
Video Duration 01 minutes 37 seconds

Meet the sci­en­tists at ‘Mos­qui­to city’ who are us­ing un­usu­al and in­no­v­a­tive meth­ods to tack­le malar­ia.

Published On 13 Aug 2014
Video Duration 08 minutes 25 seconds

A team in South Su­dan tries to find out where a cat­tle herder with Guinea worm may have in­fect­ed com­mu­nal wa­ter sources.

Published On 29 Jul 2014
Video Duration 07 minutes 23 seconds

Why is Africa still the most dan­ger­ous place in the world for moth­ers and ba­bies?

Published On 24 Jul 2014
Video Duration 47 minutes 30 seconds

How a small or­gan­i­sa­tion seized on Coca-Cola’s glob­al reach to save the lives of chil­dren in Zam­bia

Published On 6 Jul 2014

Will health work­ers in Pak­istan over­come po­lit­i­cal and re­li­gious ten­sions to vac­ci­nate chil­dren against po­lio?

Published On 29 May 2014
Video Duration 47 minutes 17 seconds