How to Sell a Massacre Part 2

Far-right party sought up to $20m from pro-gun groups in the United States, undercover Al Jazeera investigation reveals.

An official from Australia’s far-right One Nation party offered to influence the country’s democracy as part of a bid to secure political funding from Koch Industries, a US energy giant, an Al Jazeera investigation has found. The offer was revealed in the second episode of Al Jazeera’s three-year investigation into the US and Australian gun lobbies, titled: How to sell a massacre. Secretly filmed footage, obtained by Al Jazeera, shows Steve Dickson, One Nation’s leader in the Australian state of Queensland, meeting with Catherine Haggett, director of Federal Affairs at Koch Industries, in Washington, DC, the US capital, in September last year. Dickson told Haggett: “What you can do to help us and it’s going to get down to money at the end of the day … we can change the voting system in our country, the way people operate, if we’ve got the money to do it.”