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Bellingcat: Truth in a Post-Truth World

Inside Bellingcat, a news verification group using cutting-edge digital research and crowdsourcing to combat fake news.

Bellingcat is a team of online researchers and journalists dedicated to exposing the truth of seemingly impenetrable news stories from around the world.

From the downing of the Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 passenger plane over eastern Ukraine in 2014, to the bombing of a busy marketplace during the Syrian war, to the poisoning of a Russian spy in the United Kingdom in 2018, the team uses crowdsourcing and cutting-edge digital research to conduct its investigations.

They are part of a revolutionary rise of citizen journalists offering faster, more innovative approaches to reporting than the traditional media.

For Bellingcat, this includes using virtual reality to explore the impact site of a missile, and satellite imagery to calculate the exact location of a suspected military truck.

From his Leicester home in the UK, we follow the de facto leader Eliot Higgins and his global team as they put newspapers, networks and governments to the test.