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Nigeria’s Dancer For Change | Close Up

“We started dancing in the street so people wouldn’t be afraid any more … we started to bring life again,” says ​​Sunday Obiajulu Ozegbe, also known as Valu, recounting the plight of his community for years.

The district of Oworonshoki, where the dancer lives, is one of the most dangerous areas of Lagos, Nigeria. But Valu is trying to change that.

In 2019, the dancer and activist founded the “Slum Party”. By organising dance workshops and performing in the streets, Valu and his troupe are raising awareness about social issues in Nigeria, and bringing hope to the Oworo community, an area known for its poverty and gang violence.

Our film follows Valu and his collective of dancers as they leap into this year’s performance.

“I did not vote Bubu” – a dance event named after President Muhammadu Buhari, referring to him by his nickname – aims to encourage residents to vote in next year’s presidential election. This is a story about the power of dance for social and political awakening.


A film by Louise Monlau

Editor: Julien Demond

Music composers: Romain Barry and Julien Demond

Additional soundtrack: Fela Kuti

Producers: Fernanda Ballesteros & Ala Alhussan

EP: Tierney Bonini

Special thanks to : The Oworo Dance Community, Ultimate Steppers, Illuminate Theatre, Vernacular Art Lab, Behest Art Centre.