A 'Swiss cheese state', a 'peace' plan and a Palestinian POV

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas rejected the US proposed Middle East Plan, and called for a return to negotiations.

    Palestinians say the United States' proposed Middle East plan would strengthen an apartheid system.

    President Donald Trump says his "Deal of the Century" would bring Palestinians and Israelis peace.

    In this episode of The Take, Al Jazeera's West Bank producer, Rania Zabaneh, explains why Palestinians say the plan would never work.

    For more:

    Palestinian teen killed in protest as tensions rise over US plan

    PA's Mahmoud Abbas says Trump plan offers 'Swiss cheese' state

    The team:

    Amy Walters produced this episode with Priyanka Tilve, Alexandra Locke, Dina Kesbeh, Ney Alvarez and Malika Bilal. Alex Roldan is the sound designer. Natalia Aldana is the engagement producer. The executive producer is Stacey Samuel. Graelyn Brashear is Al Jazeera's Head of Audio. Special thanks to Haitham Ennasr, Saad Turjman, Amanda Price and James Bays.


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    SOURCE: Al Jazeera News


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