Summit of (some of) the Americas

Controversy brews at the gathering after Cuba, Nicaragua, and Venezuela are left off the guest list.

General view shows the LA Convention Center during the first day of the Ninth Americas Summit in Los Angeles, U.S.
A general view shows the Los Angeles Convention Center during the first day of the ninth Summit of the Americas in California, the United States on June 6, 2022 [Daniel Becerril/Reuters]

This week, the United States is hosting the biggest political gathering in the western hemisphere. The Summit of the Americas, held every three or so years, is an opportunity for heads of state from all of the Americas to come together and discuss common issues, from migration to climate change. It’s always been a complicated affair, but this year there was even more drama than usual after the governments of Cuba, Venezuela, and Nicaragua were kept off the guest list. In this episode, we break down the controversy and look at how their absence might change the substance of the gathering.

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Lucia Newman (@lucianewman), Al Jazeera senior correspondent and editor for Latin America

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Source: Al Jazeera