Are coups catching on in West Africa?

Protesters hold anti-France banner
Demonstrators gather in Ouagadougou to show support to the military while holding an anti-France banner on January 25, 2022. [Olympia De Maismont /AFP] (AFP)

Burkina Faso just experienced the latest in a series of coups across West Africa. Frustration with the lavish lifestyle of aging heads of state, sustained security problems along the Sahel and an anti-colonial sentiment are all breeding discontent. But why so many countries and why now? Al Jazeera’s West Africa correspondent Nicolas Haque takes us to the centre of Burkina Faso’s coup and introduces us to some of the people driving this change.

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  • Nicolas Haque (@nicolashaque), Al Jazeera’s West Africa Correspondent

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Source: Al Jazeera