Sarah Everard’s murder sparks moment of reckoning in UK

The murder of a 33-year-old woman in London has sent shockwaves throughout the United Kingdom.

Well-wishers, one with a placard that reads 'How many more', gather at the band-stand where a planned vigil in honour of alleged murder victim Sarah Everard which was officially cancelled due to COVID-19 restrictions, was to place on Clapham Common, south London, March 13, 2021 [Justin Tallis/AFP]

Sarah Everard was a marketing executive who went missing while walking home from a friend’s house on the evening of March 3 in south London. A London Metropolitan Police officer has been charged with her kidnap and murder. Sarah’s killing, her alleged murderer, and the events that followed have spawned an outcry in the United Kingdom about violence against women, police brutality, and the right to protest.

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Jamie Klingler, organiser of Reclaim These Streets; Ash Sarkar, contributing editor for Novara Media.

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Source: Al Jazeera