A wave of killings against transgender people in Puerto Rico

A state of emergency has been declared in response to gender-based violence on the island.

A person holds up a flag during a rally to protest against the Trump administration's reported transgender proposal to narrow the definition of gender to male or female at birth, October 24, 2018 [File: Brendan McDermid/Reuters]

Forty-four transgender or gender non-conforming people were killed in the United States in 2020. Six of those people were killed in Puerto Rico alone. This January, the island’s governor, Pedro Pierluisi, declared a state of emergency and signed an executive order to address the killings. Today we are talking to activists in Puerto Rico, and a journalist who has covered the gruesome crimes.

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Pedro Julio Serrano (@PedroJulio), founder of Puerto Rico Para Tod@s; Ivana Fred Millán, activist; David Cordero Mercado (@David_cmercado), investigative journalist

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Source: Al Jazeera